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Gigging out on 1200’s from the young age of 19 was an impressive start for Laladee, but only the first spark of a promising music career that has involved and uncovered more of her talents.


For the next two decades, Albuquerque-based Laladee thrived by wearing every hat imaginable in the music industry; all the while maintaining steady bookings as a headliner and on support for artists Green Velvet, Agent Orange, Juan Atkins, and Frankie Bones. Coming to a decision to focus working as an electronic music vocalist was met with instant interest by labels like Export Elite, Movement Recordings, and Deeplife. In no time, Laladee was turning the heads of heavy hitters in trance like Solarstone, who supported her track “Confession” with the Magnetic Brothers on his Pure Trance Radio show. 


After more releases in the realms of progressive house and melodic techno, Laladee soon gravitated to producing music on her own. Her style has developed into a menagerie of hard and soulful techno, carving out yet another new direction for her career. Influenced by the likes of Miss Kitten, UMEK, Oliver Lieb, and Stan Kolv, her productions are now based on driving beats, dark environments, and subtle yet significant melodic variations suited to groove the late night crowd, but with no sacrifices made to emotional connection. Weaving in her distinctly feminine, hypnotic, and atmospheric vocals, she bridges her listeners from head bobbing into powerful moments of poetry and connection. Expect your spirit to be elevated whether you’re listening through her “Confessions Radio” podcast, or better yet, during her sets where she performs her vocals live. With strong foundations in the classics and an insatiable desire to bring the hot new sounds to the dancefloor, Laladee continues to shine as veteran DJ outside of her studio productions. Mixing in her own mashups of classic dance tracks, she is a master at taking you back or creating significant moments on the dancefloor you’ll go home remembering. 


Laladee is continuing her journey working hard in the studio and is about to release two collaborations with her favorite artists in the near future. Much more to come as this rising talent continues to bridge the needed gap between the hard and the soulful.  



Fierce Animals Recordings

Black Turtle Records

Deeplife Records

Export Elite Recordings

Myx Records

Movement Recordings

Chrom Recordings

The Light Club


Star 88 

Lady Dj's 

Cornerstone Festival

Urban Tek Productions

Cosmic Academy


Remix Audio Bar

House of Love Productions

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